LISS Concentrate

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Size: 500ml

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Type: LISS Conc

Reducing the ionic strength of a test system increases the rate of red blood cell antigen-antibody binding. Low and Messeter in 1974 showed that the use of a low ionic strength solution enhances the rate of antibody uptake in first stage of agglutination, allowing incubation times to be shortened.

When used by the recommended techniques, the solution will reduce the ionic-strength of a test system, increase the rate of red blood cell antigen-antibody binding and permits a substantial reduction in incubation time and an increases in the test sensitivity with many antibody specificities.

Lorne LISS Concentrate is a solution of glycine, phosphate buffer and 0.3 M sodium chloride. The solution is supplied at a stronger concentration than needed for serological use. It must be diluted 10 times in deionised water before being used by all recommended techniques in the pack insert.