Lactase Control+ (Lactase positive Control)


Quality assurance in endoscopy

The BIOHIT Lactase Control+ solution is a positive control for BIOHIT’s Lactose Intolerance Quick Tests (Product code 602010 and 602012).

The lactase control should be used daily to verify the performance of the Lactose Intolerance Quick Test prior to testing patient samples. The Lactase Control+ comes in a handy dropper bottle containing 1 ml of the lactase enzyme solution. 1 ml of Control+ will deliver up to 100 Quality Control tests.

Using the BIOHIT Lactase Control+

Add just one drop (10 μl) of the Lactase Control+ solution on to the empty Lactose Intolerance Quick Test plate in place of a duodenal biopsy specimen. Then, follow the normal Lactose Intolerance Quick Test test procedure to verify that the test is working.

Once the Lactase Control+ has verified the Lactose Intolerance Quick Test the test is acceptable for use.

A positive reaction should be visible (i.e. a Normolactasia result (Blue colour)). If the Lactase Control+ does not perform as expected, repeat the test or contact BIOHIT for technical assistance before testing patient samples.


  • Convenient way to demonstrate Quality Assurance

  • Highlights problems in testing

  • Improves quality of service


  • Lactase control solution for QC testing the BIOHIT Lactose Intolerance Quick Test

  • Supplied in convenient 1ml dropper bottle

  • Use daily for demonstrating and documenting the performance of Lactase Tests