IDK Pancreatic Elastase Kit

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The IDK Pancreatic Elastase ELISA is an enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative determination of Pancreatic Elastase in stool. The assay utilises the two-site sandwich technique with monoclonal antibodies that bind to pancreatic elastase.

Standards, controls and diluted patient samples which are assayed for pancreatic elastase are added to wells of the microplate which is coated with a high affinity monoclonal anti-pancreatic elastase antibody. A complex is formed by adding a peroxidase labelled conjugate to each well followed by a TMB substrate.

The method is simple, fast and reliable with a total incubation time of just 70 minutes and can be performed as a manual ELISA or automated on any open ELISA automate (e.g. Dynex DS2).

Stool Sample Extraction

Homogenised stools are extracted using IDK Extract® – the universal Faecal Extraction buffer from Immundiagnostik that can be used in a multitude of faecal assays. The extraction process is fast, clean and precise using the rapid Stool Sample Application System (SAS) to prepare a 1:100 dilution which can be directly loaded on to automated platforms for analysis. The extracts are further diluted on-board 1:100 for assaying.


  • Dual Monoclonal Sandwich ELISA

  • 5 calibrators

  • 2 controls

  • Capacity for 41 samples in duplicate

  • Total incubation time 70 minutes

  • Broad linear range (20 – 720µg/g)

  • IDK Extract® universal stool extraction buffer

  • Rapid Extraction Tubes (Stool Sample Application System)

  • Easily Automated on ELISA automate (e.g. Dynex DS2)


  • Highly specific and convenient assay for the quantitative determination of human Pancreatic Elastase in stool

  • Supports the diagnosis of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in:

    • unexplained diarrhoea

    • gut microbiota dysbiosis

    • IBS/IBD

    • steatorrhoea

    • flatulence

    • weight loss

    • upper abdominal pain

    • dietary intolerances

  • Helps monitor exocrine pancreatic function in:

    • cystic fibrosis

    • diabetes mellitus

    • chronic pancreatitis

  • Stool extracts can be used in a broad range of assays (e.g. calprotectin, Hb (FIT))