H. pylori Control+ (Urease positive Control)


Quality assurance in endoscopy

The BIOHIT H. pylori Control+ solution is a positive control for Helicobacter pylori Urease Tests. The control should be used daily to verify the performance of urease tests prior to testing patient samples.

The product is supplied in a handy dropper bottle that contains 1 ml of the urease solution. 1 ml of Control+ will deliver up to 100 Quality Control tests.

Using the BIOHIT H. pylori Control+

Add just one drop (10 μl) of the Control+ solution on to the test plate in place of a biopsy specimen. Then, just follow the normal urease test procedure to check the test is working.

Once the H. pylori Control+ has been added to the test and the test procedure is complete, a positive result should be visible. If the H. pylori Control+ does not perform as expected, repeat the test or contact BIOHIT for technical assistance before testing patient samples.


  • Urease control solution for QC testing

  • Supplied in convenient 1ml dropper bottle

  • Use daily for demonstrating and documenting the performance of H. pylori Urease Tests


  • Convenient way to demonstrate Quality Assurance

  • Highlights problems in testing

  • Improves quality of service