GastroPanel (Pepsinogen I, Pepsinogen II, H. pylori IgG & Gastrin 17 ELISAs)


GastroPanel® is a simple blood test for Primary Care that aids the diagnosis of dyspepsia. It is used to effectively rule out diseases of the gastric mucosa characterised by Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection and atrophic gastritis. Based on the results, functional dyspepsia can be differentiated from organic dyspepsia in patients presenting to their GP so patients can be managed accordingly. The results also give important information on possible risks related to H. pylori infection, atrophic gastritis and high acid production.

H. pylori infection is diagnosed by an antibody test which is combined with Pepsinogen I, Pepsinogen II and Gastrin-17 analysis to describe the structure and function of the whole gastric mucosa. Atrophic Gastritis – a precancerous condition of the gastric mucosa – is identified by GastoPanel® without the need for, or prior to endoscopy. The more severe is the atrophic gastritis in the corpus mucosa, the lower the level of Pepsinogen I, and the ratio of pepsinogenI/II in blood.

The more severe the atrophic gastritis of antrum mucosa, the lower the the level of Gastrin-17 in blood.

GastroPanel® gives a reliable diagnosis of:

  • Healthy stomach mucosa. When the stomach mucosa is healthy, the cause of stomach symptoms is most likely to be functional dyspepsia or disease outside the stomach.

  • Acid dysregulation

  • H. pylori infection

  • Atrophic gastritis (severely damaged and dysfunctional stomach mucosa) and specifically the location of the disease, e.g. corpus, antrum, or both mucosa

GastroPanel® consists of four ELISAs and can be set up in any local laboratory or can be requested via BIOHIT’s Service Laboratory.


  • Four highly specific 96-well ELISA assays with harmonised protocols:

    • Pepsinogen I

    • Pepsinogen II

    • Amidated Gastrin-17

    • Helicobacter pylori IgG

  • Test up to 45 samples per batch

  • Easily automated on ELISA automates (e.g. Dynex DS2)

  • Excellent predictive value for the diagnosis of Atrophic Gastritis (compared to histology)

  • See individual GastroPanel assays for more details

  • Test also available as a service from BIOHIT Service Laboratory


  • Simple non-invasive blood test for Primary Care and Screening settings

  • Harmonised laboratory protocols for concomitant testing and rapid throughput

  • Obtain clinically relevant information about the stomach mucosa

  • Make recommendations for patient management and referral

  • Target endoscopy resources towards those at greatest risk

  • Identify patients at risk of diseases characterised by Atrophic Gastritis:

    • Gastric Cancer

    • Intestinal Metaplasia

    • Acid dysregulation

    • Vitamin and micronutrient deficiency