Faecal Calprotectin ELISA


The BIOHIT Calprotectin ELISA is a quantitative method for the detection of Calprotectin in stool samples. It can be used as an aid in identifying organic disease of the small intestine, large bowel or the stomach in patients, to determine disease activity and monitor the response to treatment in patients with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. The BIOHIT Calprotectin ELISA has been validated for stool samples.


  • Sandwich ELISA with Monoclonal capture Ab

  • Blank, 5 calibrators, 2 controls

  • Capacity for 40 samples in duplicate

  • Total incubation time 100 minutes

  • Broad range up to 2500µg/g)

  • Rapid Extraction Tubes available

  • Easily Automated on ELISA automate (e.g. Dynex DS2)


  • Rule out inflammatory bowel diseases non-invasively

  • Enables effective monitoring of IBD

  • Rapid turnaround