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BIOHIT ULTRA-FAST UFT300 Helicobacter pylori Quick Test. 5-minute urease test for gastric biopsies (50 Tests)

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Every Result in 5 Minutes

The BIOHIT UFT300 Helicobacter pylori Quick Test is a rapid urease test that has revolutionized the way H. pylori infection is diagnosed and reported in Endoscopy. With extremely high accuracy and every result available within 5 minutes, the UFT is the test of choice for Endoscopists worldwide.

The UFT300 H. pylori Quick Test is ready to use can be stored at room temperature and has an overall accuracy of 97.5% compared to Gold Standard methods.

Report results in 5 minutes

Biopsy specimens taken from the gastric mucosa are tested immediately. The development of colour in the test reagent within 5 minutes indicates whether urease enzyme is present in the biopsy sample or not. H. pylori produces a large amount of urease, which degrades urea to ammonia (NH4+). The formed ammonia is detected by an indicator colour present in the reagent.

With speed and accuracy the UFT300 H. pylori Quick Test enables endoscopists to complete reports and deliver results directly to their patients during the Gastroscopy procedure.

Point of care testing is simple and cost-effective with the UFT300 H. pylori Quick Test: improve consistency and accuracy, avoid unnecessary admin and report editing, and enhance the quality of service.

  • Every result confirmed in just 5 minutes (maximum)

  • Sensitivity 94.3%, Specificity 100% (compared to histology & C13 UBT n=1000)

  • Room Temperature Storage

  • Immediate reporting of results directly into Endoscopy report

  • Urease Positive Control Available (product code 602017)

  • Achieve 97.5% Accuracy at 5 minutes[1]

Sensitivity 94.5% (95% CI = 92.4–96.6)

Specificity 100% (95% CI = 99.3-100)

1. Vaira D et al. Accuracy of a new ultrafast rapid urease test to diagnose Helicobacter pylori infection in 1000 consecutive dyspeptic patients. Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2010; 31, 331–338.


  • 5 minute Ultra-FAST urease test for Endoscopy

  • Easy to use

  • Ready to use

  • Accuracy 97.5% compared to histology and C13 breath test

  • Room temperatue storage

  • Two kit sizes available:

    • 50 tests (Product Code 602019PLA)

    • 5 tests (Product Code 602005PLA)

  • Positive Control available (Product Code 602017)


  • Report results directly into endoscopy reporting software

  • Eliminate unnecessary administration and results interpretation

  • Provide results to patient before they leave the endoscopy room

  • Ultra-FAST test time improves consistency

  • High accuracy minimises false positives and false negatives

  • Time and cost effective