BIOHIT H. pylori Quick Test. 30-minute urease test for gastric biopsies (50 tests)


Easy testing from a biopsy specimen

The BIOHIT H. pylori quick test is a one-step urease test to detect H. pylori infection from a biopsy sample during gastroscopy. The H. pylori quick test can beused to diagnose H. pylori infection or to determine the success of eradication therapy.

Testing and reporting during gastroscopy

  • One-step test procedure

  • Positive results in 2 min (neg. 30 min)

  • Sensitivity 100%, Specificity 93%

  • Accuracy 96%

  • Easy visual interpretation

The H. pylori quick test is an easy one-step procedure. Simply place the biopsy specimen into the gel medium and if H. pylori urease is detected a red colour develops in the gel. Positive results can be reported within as little as 2 minutes, with negatives being confirmed at 30 minutes. Interpretation of the indicator colour is simple and does not require any specialist training.


  • 30 minute rapid urease test for Endoscopy

  • Easy to use gel-based test

  • Ready to use

  • Accuracy 96% compared to histology

  • Box of 50 tests

  • Positive Control available (Product Code 602017)


  • Report results before the patient is discharged

  • Rapid test time improves consistency

  • High accuracy minimises false positives and false negatives

  • Time and cost effective